Introducing Synth Wiz, Mentat

Mentat is London-based deep and melodic techno producer Oliver Quinlan. Named after the human computers in the Dune series, Mentat tracks are where dark, machine-driven electronic sounds meet human emotions and melody.

He has released original tracks and remixes with Traum Schallplatten, Poker Flat and Amber Recordings.

His latest track is called “Flight,” released on his own new record label, Cirrus Sounds, on October 2, 2020. The new label will be “an outlet for Mentat’s own melodic dance floor tracks, with a focus on experimental sounds and atmospheric melodies.”

Stream & download:

He also his own mix series, where he delivers interestingly-woven sets of deep / melodic techno and house:

Similar artists to Mentat’s style include: Yotto, Dominik Eulberg, Einmusika, and Sasha.

He recently performed a live modular synth set in a virtual reality club for Electric Offense. This followed an EP of live modular jams on Bandcamp and with videos on YouTube, recorded during the recent lockdown period:


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