Linney, Young Bombs – “Strangers”

Album: “Strangers”
Lyrics and vocals, by Singer, Songwriter: Linney
Producers: Young Bombs
Label: Sony Music Canada
Out Now

Together, if you could take time away to act as if you did not know one another. Have a moment in time, just the two of you, and the world, playing along in this theatric idea, to be different that one night. All of your negativity, problems, and issues, everything set aside, there together, just go with the flow.

This song by Young Bomb’s delivers a unique vibe, a story within itself, but also the energy is magical, impactful, beautiful, and wonderful. Plus Linney’s incredible lyrics and vocals are the heart and soul of the track. There is something deep inside, that asks you to take a chance, and a journey. Just lose yourself to melody, but also enjoy the ride.

There is a freedom, expression, and movement throughout that just begs to be heard. From start to finish, “Strangers” will grab your heart strings, but also get you moving.

This amazing release is available now

Music video – Visualizer

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