Tritonal and HALIENE – “Losing My Mind”

Losing My Mind
Singer, Songwriter: HALIENE
Producers: Tritonal
On Enhanced Recordings
Out now

An amazing collaboration from a phenomenal singer and songwriter, plus the awesome duo producing this incredible tune. Diving deep into the feels, from Haliene’s heart. A journey through rough times, and shaping us as who we are. There are many layers to this track, it is worth a deep dive, listen, and feel those vibes.

Tritonal delivers an awesome melodic journey, that connects to every lyric, from a soft opening, to the flow of Haliene’s energized vocals throughout. From descriptions of light and darkness, to finding oneself in moments we are all living right now. To healing, fighting, and breaking through. This collab track is a beautiful mix of heart, soul, mind, and body, yearning to break free, and connect on another level.

This awesome tune is a piece of upcoming Tritonal’s album “Coalesce”. Will review this album upon its release.

Press play, get lost in the melody, lyrics, and vocals. Let it take you away. Losing My Mind, is a song that is a must own, in your music library. This beautiful song is out now everywhere.

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