Maya Wolff, Peter Dennis – Broken Hearts

Album: Broken Hearts
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Maya Wolff
Producer, Editing, Sound Design: Peter Dennis
Label: Wolff Recordings
Release: Out Now

When art is inspired by a message, a moment in time, or even a tragedy. A song goes beyond lyrics, expression, artform, it becomes an anthem. A song for those who are no longer with us on this blue planet. Late last year, there was an event that rocked the music scene, a place for music lovers to gather and celebrate life. Beyond the community, it a dark time, to recollect, reflect, and look to reasons why, or how. But now, it a way of healing when artists come together to create something special. This song, and release is one of those tracks that holds a deeper meaning for those affected by that day, or know of someone that was there, or anyone who has music in their soul.

Within this powerful, and moving song, the vocals contain a message of remembrance and healing. As does the melody which keys into every emotion possible. Not to be of sadness, but of life. Impact, joy, sorrow, pain, and healing, but also forgiveness, and a memory. Music is within us all, our hearts, and minds. No matter what language, or whom we identify ourselves as. We are One.

Included with the release of this amazing song, are notes from the amazing singer, songwriter Maya Wolff. Her message and story behind that day, and how it inspired her to create this song. Behind the Music “Broken Hearts

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