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Label Spotlight: Firaga Records

Label Spotlight: Firaga Records
VGM, Trance, Breakbeat, PsyTrance, Experimental, LoFi and more

Beyond just video game music remixes, this label brings together various artists, and creative talents to produce something amazing. From past to present, and original songs. This label explores many levels, from indie, to unknowns, lost treasures, and classics. The best part, video games have always inspired the edm world, back in the early days, even the simplest beat, beep and boops created something fun, and unique.

Artists include: RobKTA, Blood Code, Zaxx, RoboRob, Foxcode, and many more

This awesome team has dived into different series sound styles, from: Final Fantasy, Sonic, Ridge Racer, Pokemon, Donkey Kong County, and many more. Plus they collaborate with some of the original artists, creating a unique experience with their album releases. Within the VGM scene they have been part of many events including E3, MagFest, Anime conventions, and Music Festivals.

For more information about this awesome label, be sure to visit their website, story, and Bandcamp page

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