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“Inside My Head

Album: Inside My Head
Lyrics, vocals, by singer / songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer: Solewaas
Label: Grotesque Dark, part of the Black Hole music family
Release: Out Now

With a catchy beat, plus amazing lyrics, and vocals connecting as one in harmony. This astonishing new release by the phenomenal Hidden Tigress, and awesome producer Solewaas is a work of art. It conveys the feels, emotions, and sense of self, dealing with outside conflicts, a place to go when everything feels like it is falling apart all around you. A place to go, meditate, to find calm, serenity. It is beautiful, moving, and illustrates a state of mind, heart, and soul, to find inner peace from the chaos elsewhere.

Where do you go to find your calm space? Is it within art? Music? Writing? Whatever it might be, use your creative energy to create something wonderful, from your dreams, or imagination, let that energy flow.

“Inside My Head” is marvelous, beautiful, and moving. A must add to your music library. This astonishing track is available now

Plus two incredible, and mesmerizing music videos

“Inside My Head” (Original mix)

“Inside My Head” (Dub mix)

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