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JES, Talla 2XLC – “Spread Your Wings”

Album: Spread Your Wings
Lyrics, and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: JES
Producer: Talla 2XLC
Label: That’s Trance

“Spread Your Wings” (genre: Trance)
Two amazing talents collaborate, creating something amazing, and special. From the buildup, JES delivers beautiful, and powerful vocals, while the melody comes together escalating in energy, and flowing along with her lyrics. The meaning behind the song, a message of hope, and love. The lyrics ask “What are we fighting for?” It is thoughtful, but also makes you think, throughout the song, as the lyrics cascade, and find their way to your heart.

This song has so many layers, within the melody, and the lyrics and vocals. From a melody that pushes on, to moments of calm, then a buildup of energy like a bird taking flight, once airborne it can go high as it possibly can. Or that feeling of trying to communicate with someone, but it feels like they are not listening, only to respond when need be, but used to feel connected, together, but now something has changed. Or that feeling of letting go, all the words you could say, or none at all. One more moment, before everything feels like a distant memory.

“Spread Your Wings” by the lovely, and amazing JES, and the awesome Talla 2XLC is available now

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