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JES – Tight Wires

Track info
Tight Wires
Lyrics and vocals by singer/songwriter JES
Label Magik Muzik

A track with soul, and heart. Connecting to that part of ourselves, all we can do, balancing everything that is possible. Or the possibility of failing, but determined not to give up. There is something wonderful, magical, awe defying worth saying within these lyrics.

An awesome energy, and melody throughout, keeping that spark, a kind of hope alive. Plus JES’s incredible vocals shine from start to finish. Every song of hers in unique, and amazing.

Tight Wires is definitely a must own. And a reminder to never give up: on yourself, a dream, something special to you, anything your heart wants to strive for, to be the best you are.

This amazing track is out now, and available at all digital music stores.

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