Song review “Call of Neptune”

Song title: Call of Neptune
Artists: Collaboration
Lyrics & vocals by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer & sound design: Derek Palmer, Sundancer
Label: Nahawand Recordings
Available now

Available in two variations:
Original Mix and Radio Edit

An uplifting, and beautiful melody, followed by vocals that take your worries away. Just close your eyes, and feel the music flow through you. Imagine a beach, a flow of water, and serenading lyrics carried through the waves. That is exactly how it conveys its energy, wonder, heart, and journey. It is a song that has an amazing, dream like quality, that it gives you a moment to breathe, and all of your worries are gone for a short amount of time.

The collaboration of Derek Palmer & Sundancer is incredible. The melody they create together, has an energized flow, and its nonstop, from beginning to end, it keeps up with the vocals by the amazing Hidden Tigress, who’s voice takes the song to another level. As her vocals are the waves, that brush through the sand, and find its balance every time. Serenading your mind and body, as you’re listening to the flow carry through your soul.

Even the picture created with the lyrics, takes your imagination to another place. A peace of mind, a place to get away, to breathe, to live, to explore. A beautiful track from beginning to end, a must own.

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Call of Neptune

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Hidden Tigress
Derek Palmer

Nahawand Recordings

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