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Album: Why
Lyrics and vocals: Hidden Tigress
Producer (original mix): Dalphon
Producer (remix): Gayax
Label: Nahawand Recordings

A beautiful melody grabs your senses, then amazing vocals, and lyrics soothe your soul. This is one of those songs that taps into your heart. With different layers: lead, and backing vocals, that serenade you throughout. A wondrous journey through music.

Asking “Why”. The title of the track alone, the word connects on a deeper level. A question, a query, but it also asks so much more. Every word has meaning.

Also the astonishing melody within both the original, and remix carry a unique energy from one another, yet focused on the amazing vocals, and lyrics that connect with each version.

Plus two astonishing, and mesmerizing music videos compliment the track. From beginning to end, lush visuals, amazing atmosphere, with this beautiful track taking you on a journey

Why (original mix by Dalphon)
Why (Gayax Remix)

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