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“Incomplete” (Club Mix)

Album: Incomplete (Club Mix)
Lyrics and vocals, by singer/songwriter:
Hidden Tigress
Producer (Original and Club mix): Ellez Ria presents Arkam
Label: Vibrate Audio
Release date: Out Now

Two years ago, Hidden Tigress, and Ellez Ria collaborated on the track “Incomplete which was delivered lots of support, around the world. Now two years later, they reunited, as Ellez Ria using his alternate identity as Arkam, to create a marvelous remix.

The original, and Club Mix contain unique vibes. Where the vocals, and lyrics are on another level. Both the melody, instruments, plus vocals connect, delivering a powerful, majestic, and heartfelt synergy.

Hidden Tigress’s incredible vocals and lyrics deliver so many feels, and emotions. Throughout the remix, the energy, and tone flows through you. It is a song of feeling separate, not whole, but hopeful, one day, some day it can be. But also that admission to never give up, no matter the odds, or obstacles that come to pass.

Music video: With a beautiful opening, plus beautiful melody, and an intense beat going, the song, lyrics and vocals create an incredible visual journey here. From that feeling of the outside looking inward, to places you can only imagine in your mind.

How to summarize this incredible remix.. it is so good, it deserves to be in your music library. If you love the original mix, you will absolutely love this phenomenal club mix.

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