Hidden Tigress, Anton By, AV – Nothing to Lose (Huvagen Remix)

Album: Nothing to Lose (Huvagen Remix)
Lyrics, and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers: Anton By, AV (original mix)
Remix by: Huvagen
Label: Interplay Unity

Anton & AV brought something amazing with their original mix of this incredible song. This time, Huvagen takes the lead, crafting a remix, that is just as awesome, and moving like its predecessor. The opening melody builds, then Hidden Tigress’s mesmerizing lyrics and vocals trickle, dance, and flow, connecting to the song. With her reflecting background vocals in harmony, echoing that vibe, surrounded by the atmosphere within you heart, and soul. This remix is a character all its own, a sequel to the original, the redemption arc of the journey. But also something unique, which makes it even more special.

Huvagen delivers an awesome experience within this remix. A feeling of raising your hands in the air, and letting the music take you away. Connecting a club like vibe, but also an emotion of relief, freedom, a moment to breathe. Everything you build up inside, letting it all out. Catching your breath, the lights, sounds, and energy surrounding you. This place, and space, wherever you are. This moment, it is yours, enjoy it, bask in it. You earned this, no longer held back by what you had kept deep down inside.

Sometimes there are emotions, that we cannot define by words alone. This song connects to that, channeling, and bringing those feelings to the surface. “Nothing to Lose” (Huvagen’s Remix) is available now

Music video

A work of art, imagery, emotions, heart and soul. Go on a journey with this heartfelt remix. With astonishing visuals, and atmosphere connecting throughout this astonishing remix, and Hidden Tigress’s captivating, and mesmerizing lyrics & vocals

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