Hidden Tigress, Thomas Lloyd, Claas Inc – Faded Whisper (Remix)

Album: Faded Whisper (Claas Inc Remix)
Lyrics and vocals by, Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design (Original mix): Thomas Lloyd
Producer, Sound Design (Remix): Claas Inc
Label: Ablazing Relaunch
Out now

Late last year, the original mix of this incredible track was released. Now the amazing collab team is back, but with a powerful, moving, stirring, and emotional remix. Resonating with the same vibes, Claas Inc’s remix taps into Hidden Tigress’s lyrics, and vocals perfectly. It delivers those vibes you feel, when you see someone special, close to you, when it feels like words are not enough. But every time you see them, it hurts deep down, with everything you ever wanted to say, it is not the right time.

Claas Inc’s stirring mix, and melody resonates with that feeling of a sensation beyond words to describe. Excitement, tension, energy, chills, and friction. Connecting with Hidden Tigress’s beautiful, flowing, and heartfelt vocals, and lyrics, creating something wonderful. This remix compliments the original, but also contains its own sound style, that stays with you after that first listen, making you want to listen again. This beautiful remix is available now everywhere

Plus a beautiful, stirring, and amazing music video compliments the release. With lush visuals, atmosphere, and energy throughout. Check it out at Hidden Tigress’s official youtube channel

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