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Harmony of a Hunter – A Metroid Retrospective

It was several years ago, my friends at Shinesparkers combined their efforts with artists around the world to create a massive album. Celebrating a series that we have all grown up with over time. From past to present, the series was about Samus Aran, a bounty hunter that crossed the stars, went on amazing adventures to thwart evil whatever form it would take. But it was a series that evolved beyond 2D, it was also in 3D, exploring new territory that most thought could not be done. Whereas in video game music, it could reach out to even more fans that enjoy the series, or its soundtracks.

Each album page contains track info, notes, and artist links

Harmony of a Hunter A 2 CD set of albums released, featuring 36 songs. Combining energy from various talents, crossing rock, electronica, trance, orchestral and more. But it also did not feel limited, it expanded the sound design. Covering different parts of the series, creating a new adventure within every song, taking listeners on a journey. You don’t just hear the music, you feel it inside of you.

Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run
The second part of the saga, a 3 disc based opera with even more songs made by talented artists. Taking a more deeper dive, with more atmospheric, plus vocal lead tracks as well. Exploring the vast galaxies, and the unknown.

Harmony of a Hunter Returns
Celebrating 35 years of the series. Sixty songs, a five hour adventure. Ten years of monumental music made by artists across our little blue planet.

Plus with the recent remaster of Metroid Prime, a new generation gets a chance to experience the first game to takes the series in 3D. A first person search action title within the vast series. Metroid Prime Remastered

For more information on the Metroid series, be sure to visit the official website. Metroid Official

Who knows what the future holds. The Galaxy has so many untold mysteries waiting to be explored

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