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Album Review: BT – EYSFIOTOSOF

Album title: Everything You’re Searching For Is On The Other Side Of Fear
Release: 12/13/19
Genre: Electronica & Downtempo
Label: Black Hole Recordings

Several years ago, BT challenged himself with an album called “This Binary Universe”. An experimental album, filled with emotions, memories, and time.

Within this new album, a new installment of TBU, EYSFIOTOSF is the next chapter. An evolution of his growth, music, family, and the unknown.

Each track ties to vast soundscapes. From nature, to a starry night sky, the calming waves, to a flock of birds. But not just sounds alone. A crescendo of melodies harmonies creating a story.

As you listen, it takes you elsewhere. There is no other album like it. Nor resembles anything of the past. It is a work of art, energy, aura, and spirit.

A sixteen track epic, that is a must listen, felt, shared, expressed, and may even create a new memory for you.


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