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Flexstyle & Friends – Hang On To Your Hat: Super Remix 64

Album: Hang on to Your Hat: Super Remix 64
Producer, Sound Design : Flexstyle & Friends
Label: Firaga Music

Remember that wacky, and wild adventure Super Mario 64? Mix that with an orchestra, a music producer, and a funky idea. Mix well, and ta dah! Something magical appears! This marvelous album captures that magic, with an awesome spin. The songs, and melodies you remember, but with a new vibe. By the way, extra note: “Hang On To Your Hat” was an album by the Video Game Jazz Orchestra

1) Flexstyle & RobKTA – File Select
2) Flexstyle & Ben Briggs – Bob-omb Battlefield
3) Flexstyle & SARE – Hang on to your Hat
4) Flexstyle & Vector U – Koopa Battle
5) Jolly Roger Bay
6) Ultimate Koopa
7) Flexstyle & Bill Beats – Inside the Castle Walls
8) Flexstyle & bLind – Stage Boss
9) Flexstyle & RoboRob – Dire Dire Docks
10) Bowser in the Dark World
11) Flexstyle & PrototypeRaptor – Koopa’s Road

This awesome remix album is available everywhere now! Wahoo!!

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