Borena & Hidden Tigress – “Finding You”

Album: Finding You
Lyrics and vocals, by singer, songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, and Sound Design: Borena
Label: Invironment

“Finding You” is a melodic journey, that whisks you away to another place, space, and time. Plus Hidden Tigress’s phenomenal vocals, and lyrics serenade sweetly throughout. Her vocals feel like a wonderful dream, you never want to wake from. Beautiful, captivating, and mesmerizing. There is no other way to describe how amazing she truly is, within her vocals, and lyrics.

Borena blends a unique sound style, with a funky, groovy, and melodic beat. With vibes from a song within another time, as the track connects, and resonates with the heartfelt vocals, creating a unique atmosphere that makes you want to get up and dance. “Finding You” also taps into this surreal dreamy state, like a warm hug. It is an incredible feeling that stays with you, even after listening.

This amazing, and breathtaking track is out now. Be sure to add this incredible tune to your music library.

Plus two amazing music videos.
First up, a beautiful mix of anime, and this incredible song

Finding you (anime music video)

An additional video that captures the energy, vibes, and feels of the song
Finding you (music video)

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