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“Never Alone”

Song: Never Alone
Lyrics and vocals by, singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, and sound design: YuriyFromRussia
Label: Perfecto Black

From the opening, before the lyrics and vocals begin, you can feel a unique energy within this track. Beautiful, moving, heartfelt, and compassionate. With the imagery, emotion, honesty, it is how we all feel sometimes. Difficult, challenging, with everything happening around us, we would rather not open up. Till it all falls apart. While still trying to keep going no matter what.

Both the melody, and vocals flow like water together. Lyrics that are powerful, connecting to its listener on a much deeper level. As the song title says “you are never alone”, with the way you are, how, and feel. Sometimes words cannot be expressed, because they are hard to describe, let alone speak to someone else.

Music video
The music video for this incredible song, is filled with lush visuals, and immersive atmosphere that detail the powerful lyrics, and vocals throughout. From moments of calm, to solace, the unknown, to tension, to stormy filled skies, and blue with sun. The imagery of a rose, its beauty, mystery, thorns, pain, wonder, and expression. Like a rose, this song expresses more beyond words alone. Close your eyes, and get lost in the sound, and feel its vibes.

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