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Linney, If Found, Sabai – “The Call”

Album: The Call
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Linney
Co-written by: Casey Cook, Vaance Music
Producers, Sound Design by: If Found, Sabai
Label: Ikigai Music

Memories, the lessons we learn, a moment to catch our breath. Those lessons, that help us get through it all, or times we feel down. Like sending a message in a bottle, our past self sent to us. Those reminders that keep us grounded, or that spirit to not give up. “The Call” is a message in a bottle, we wrote to ourselves. “Keep that dream alive”, or “Never Give Up”. Connected through a heartfelt beat, and melody, Linney’s vocals shine throughout this incredible song. It is powerful, meaningful, but also feels like a warm hug.

A reminder within these lyrics, and vocals, past or present, the things we do can create something wonderful, special, and take us to places we dare to dream of. “The Call” also celebrates the journey of who you are now, and the possibilities that have yet to be. A note from long ago, we can grow, we can find that connection that makes us who we are, and may help others along the way.

This beautiful release is available now

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