Discoveries with Summer Melody – August 2020: Throwbacks

Welcome back to another Discoveries with Summer Melody, where we continue to share our discovery of new artists and/or music from the melodic progressive community, from us on Summer Melody.

We have been including throwback tracks in our radio show Summer Melodies, and for today’s post, it would be about five of them, let’s check them out!

1. Alex H – Chiredzi [Sunset Melodies]

Technically was not a throwback when it was included into our first episode on DI.FM Melodic Progressive channel, but it was released back in 2014 on Sunset Melodies (later as part of a re-release). The simple progressive sequence and the sounds of Alex H is quite a staple melodic progressive sound back in the day. Definitely worth re-listening as a throwback track.



2. AWD – Wintertide [Enhanced Progressive]

Continuing with the progressive sounds, the second one was played in our December 2018 episode. The melodic and trance blend from AWD has been unforgetable, which Wintertide perfectly suits the mood of winter while it was played. Also released back in 2014, it certainly good for cooling down during this summer season!



3. Kono (USA) – The Simple Things (Raphael Mayers Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]

For another truly melodic progressive-ness, Raphael Mayers’ remix of Kono’s The Simple Things is another simple yet beautiful creation. Released on Progressive House Worldwide in 2016, and played in our April 2019 episode, the upbeat vibes and trance-like chords pairs with the cute vocal chop, mellow guitar in the breakdown and melodies flowing across the whole track.



4. LTN & Jayeson Andel – Clockwork (LTN Mix) [Arrival (Silk Music)]

Speaking of melodic, this one is definitely the one that sparks with melodic goodness. The LTN version of Clockwork, released in 2014, as well, on Arrival (previously part of Silk Music), truly reflects on the warming sounds of LTN’s sunrise adaptations. Played on our November 2019 episode, this would be a wonderful throwback tune to enjoy again.

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5. En-Core – Nothing [Neuroscience Recordings]

Ending the selections of throwback tracks with a prog-trance track, from a closed label Neuroscience Recordings. Part of our New Year (January) 2020 episode, we dived deep into 2013 with this track by En-Core. The uplifting and care-free vibes provides relaxation and bay cruising feeling, a total refresher to revisit again.


These tracks also reminds us that we would like to cherish, and have these beautiful sounds to be brought back, by us Summer Melody. So we really hope that those past artists/aliases could join us and revive or continue the sounds of melodic progressive. Of course, we hope you like our sharing, and please follow us Summer Melody, on socials and here for more posts, updates and music releases! Thanks!

About Summer Melody:
Summer Melody is a label for deep and melodic progressive house/trance. Not only would we like to share our favourite music to everyone, we would also like to promote lesser known artists, releases on our label and showcase their work.

Our label is co-owned by several artists, who are also artists who have released on other known progressive labels, such as Synth Collective, Soluna Music, Pineapple Digital and more. We aim to be as favourable as the past/present labels such as Sunset Melodies, PHW, Makira Records, Perplexity Music and more, and have our love on progressive being shared.


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