Liggy K’s Biography:

Liggy K is a DJ & Producer & Art Director (LKD Interactive) & A&R of Fearless Recordings & host of Fearless Podcast (DI.FM).

When she was kindergartener, Liggy liked “Cosmos (TV Series)” very much. Because, Vangelis’s Synthesizer sounds felt like the Universe to her. She awakened to House music in high school. Her musical backbone was influenced by her father, where there was the influence of jazz. classical, and New Age music. All of these sounds influenced her own track making.

After that, She started spinning at various clubs, but I retired from DJing due to the flow of the scene. However, since 2011, we have started online distribution of DJs on “Second Life” of Metaverse and continue to the present. Her specialty is melodic house & techno, and progressive house, and she spins various music.

1st Single Release “Nebula (2017)”and 2nd Single Release “Annihilation (2018)” from Canadian label “Pineapple Digital” and EP “Arcturus / Betelgeuse (2021)”, “Takuya Yamashita – A Thread of Light (Liggy K Remix) (2021) release from “ZODIAC13 Records“. After that, she participated in “Fearless Recordings” owned by Luna Shimada as an A&R, and release “Pleiades EP” (2021). and new EP will be released in July 2022.

LIGGY KはDJ & プロデューサー & アートディレクター(LKD Interactive)& Fearless RecordingsのA&R、Fearless Podcast (DI.FM) のホストを務めています。

彼女は幼稚園の頃から 「コスモス(TVシリーズ)」が大好きで、ヴァンゲリスのシンセサイザーの音は宇宙のように感じていました。彼女は高校でハウスミュージックに目覚めます。 彼女の音楽的バックボーンは父親の影響もあり、ジャズやクラシック音楽、ニューエイジミュージックなど、彼女自身のトラック制作にも影響を与えています。


彼女の主な作品は、カナダのレーベル「PinappleDigital」からの1stシングル「Nebula(2017)」、2ndシングル「Annihilation(2018)」。また2021年2月にはEP「Arcturus / Betelgeuse」を翌年(2021)には「Takuya Yamashita – A Thread of Light (Liggy K Remix) (2021) 」をZODIAC13 Recordsよりリリース。その後、Luna Shimadaがオーナーを務める「Fearless Recordings」にA&Rとして参加し「Pleiades EP (2021)」をリリース。2022年7月には新しいEPのリリースを控えている。


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About LuNa

LUNA is a DJ from Osaka, Japan.
She started DJ-ing in dining bars back in 2011. Since then, she has decided to limit herself to online activities, such as podcasts and radio shows, which actually brought her to a wider stage.

As a child, LUNA grew up in an environment with different types of music and this contributed to the fact that her play style incorporates a diversity of music genres like House, Techno, something Deep and Progressive, and also Chill. She is free-spirited and plays in her own style.

In order to make more people interested in club music and enjoy clubbing, LUNA is still working hard on performing her mission.

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