Krewella – “The Body Never Lies”

Album: The Body Never Lies
Producers, sound design, lyrics, and vocals by: Krewella
With Vocals by: Madgrrl, Beauz
Label: Mixed Kids Records
Release: Out Now

For several years, the amazing duo has created numerous, and unforgettable tunes. Some you may have heard on the radio, both in the car, or on satellite radio. From catchy vibes, energized beats, plus lyrics that will find a way to your heart singing along. Yahan, and Jasmine Yousaf, are the two creative, and astonishing hearts that make Krewella.

Within this album of ten amazing tracks, it explores many feels, emotions, dreams, wishes, hopes, and things we have lost along the way. What they have created here are tunes, that will take you on a ride. Plus make you want to get up and dance, just lose yourself to the beat. “The Body Never Lies” contains songs with a heart, and soul, a story within every lyric, and vocal performance that deserves to be played loud.

Each track within this album is unique, no two songs are the same. Like a chapter within a book, each chapter resonates its own vibes, connecting with you, the listener. Dive in, close your eyes, feel its energy, connect, and enjoy every minute.

I have been fan of their amazing works for many years. Happy to share their recent release with many more music lovers. Show some love. “The Body Never Lies” is out now everywhere. Plus keep an eye out on this space, an artist spotlight is coming soon.

Also on their awesome Youtube channel, each track from the album has its own music video. Definitely a must see!
Krewella Official Youtube

Plus they have an upcoming tour, starting in April. Be sure to follow their socials for tour info

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