Artist Spotlight: Hidden Tigress

From the Start:
Hidden Tigress, an artist who creates amazing works of art through lyrics, and her mesmerizing vocals. From past releases to now, reaching listeners, and their hearts for several years. All around the world, different languages, with a passion for music, and lyrics that move us all. This is her journey so far, and more to come.

The journey so far: Working with various talents around the world, the artist Hidden Tigress found her expression, energy, passion, and wonder within her astonishing song library from life. To lyrics that connect on another level, heartfelt, moving, passionate, dreamy, flowing, filled, and so many expressions throughout. From collaborating with artists like: Derek Palmer, Farid, LTN pres. Ghostbeat, YuriyFromRussia, Cosmaks, Alexander De Roy, Deme3us, Air Project, Tycoos, and many more. Her journey within the music world continues to grow, astonish, and amaze. Hidden Tigress is definitely an artist you should follow, because her heart, and soul continue to evolve. Plus with new releases this year, there is so much to look forward to, also connect with producers you may, or may not have heard of, and enjoy.

Information as follows, “Song Title”, (Producer), and [Label]

“Nostalgic Nights” (Producers: Ruslan Device, and Katsu) [Synchronized Muzik]

“Victory” (Sandro Mireno) [Abora Ascend, Abora Recordings]


“Lifeline” (Experimental Feelings, Remixes by: YuriyFromRussia, 5IRIUS7) [Emergent Textures]

“Frozen in Time” (the Remixes) (Producer: Derek Palmer, Featuring Ardao, Acoustic Mix, Remix by: Tycoos, Extended, dub, and remix) [Abora Recordings]

“Restless” (Marcell Stone, Remix by: Beatsole) [Emergent Skies]

“Spellbound” (Numedian, Original, dub, and chillout mix
Remix by: Derek Palmer) [Soluna Music]

“All I Feel” (Original Mix by: Syntouch Pres. Sunsliderz, Remix by: Derek Palmer) [Butterfly Music]

“Diamond Eyes” (Original Mix by: Farid, Remix by: LTN Pres. GhostBeat Remix) [FSOE Parallels]

“Blanket of Stars” (Producers: Air Project) [2RockRecordings]

“When Lightning Strikes” (Original Mix: Arsen Gold, Remix by: Blue5even) [Emergent Skies]

“Fill the Sky” (Alex Shevchenko, Ithur, Original and Radio Mix, Remix, and Radio Mix By: Derek Palmer) [Nahawand Recordings]

“Intention” (Alexander De Roy) Original, and Extended Mix [Extrema Global Music]”Endless Sky” (Gianmarco Fabbretti, Remixes by: Fredd Moz, and Gabrielle AG) [Vibrate Audio]

“Waiting For You” (Cosmaks) Intro, Extended, Radio, Chillout Mix [Abora Progressive]

“Demons” Remix (Original Mix: Deme3us, Remix, and dub by: Derek Palmer) [Synchronized Musik]

“Why” (Dalphon, Original Mix, Remix by: Gayax) [Nahawand Recordings]

“Just For You” (Last Soldier, Remix by: Farhang) [Last State Records]

“Waiting For You” Remix (Illitheas) [Abora Progressive]

“Lost My Way” (Huvagen, Original, Extended, Intro, and Dub, Remix, Dub, and Radio Edit by: Exolight) [Trance All Stars]

“Through the Rain” (LTN Presents Ghostbeat) [AVA Deep]

“Midnight Despair” (A.L.Y.S.) [Yeiskomp Records]

Call of Neptune: The Remixes (Original Mix by: Sundancer, and Derek Palmer, Remix by: Ben Van Gosh, Gayax, Angel Ace, Mehdi Chahine) [Nahawand Recordings]

“Golden Sunrise” (A.L.Y.S., Remixes by: Andrew Lang, Sirius 7) [Emergent Cities]

“Never Alone” (YuriyFromRussia) [Perfecto Black, sub label of Perfecto]

Nahawand Remixed, (“Why” Radio edit, and Remix by Ash K and Junior) [Nahawand Recordings]

“Soar” (original mix: CMCV, Remix, Extended Remix, and Dub, by: Derek Palmer) [Abora Recordings]

“Indelible” (Eric Zimmer, and Shawn Hunter, Remix by: Gabrielle AG) [Emergent Skies]


“Summer Night” (Producer: Born87) [Yeiskomp Records]
“Summer Night” (Remix Single) (produced by: Born87. With Remixes by: Stefre Roland, and DJ Quba) [Yeiskomp Abyss]

“Summer Night” (Remix by: Deme3us) [Yeiskomp Leisurely]

“Summer Night” (Remix by: Xpectra) [Yeiskomp Leisurely]

“A Beautiful Goodbye” (Producer: HP Energetic. With Remixes by: Numedian, Tristan Armes) [Fuzzy Recordings]

“Summer Night”, Compilation Album) (Additional Remixes by: Trance Reserve, AlexRussShev, Including already released remixes by: Deme3us, Xpectra, Stefre Roland, and DJ Quba)
[Yeiskomp Velocity]

“Incomplete” (Extended Single Mix) (Producer: Arkam) [Vibrate White]

“I Need Your Love” (Remixed) (Producer: Danny Druce. With Remixes by: Derek Palmer, and Tristan Armes) [Soluna Music]

“As Time Goes By” (Producers: Sandra Kanivets, and DJ Quba) [Yeiskomp Abyss]

“Castle of Sand” (Producer: Cyril Ryaz) [Masana Recordings]

“Don’t Keep Away” (Producer: Jay Hubbard) [Soluna Music]

“Sunrise” (Producer: Syntouch, featuring Sunsliderz) [Butterfly Music] Featuring the track “Reloading of my Heart”

“Hopeless” (Producers: Rami Eid, and Ivan Khurtin) [Trance All Stars Records]

“Desolation” (Producer: Derek Palmer) [Extrema Global Music]

“Introspection” (Producer: Arsen Gold) [Trance Temple Records]

“Call of Neptune” (Producer: Sundancer, Derek Palmer) [Nahawand Recordings

“To Love Again” (Original Mix Produced by: Derek Palmer. With Remixes by: Sandra Kanivets and DJ Quba, Numedian, Deme3us, Jon Bourne) [Estrella Recordings]

“Demons” (Producer: Deme3us) [Synchronized Muzik]

Gemini: Remixed “In the Darkness, Sometimes I Feel” (As Orchid7) (Original Mix by: Derek Palmer. With Remixes by: Gabriele De Santis, Chris Cooper, Ivan Khurtin, and Deme3us, Club Mix) [Emergent Skies]

Infinite Space (original mix) (Producers: Neonica, Trance Reserve) [Abora Chillout]

“Heaven” (Original mix by Ciro Parcheri, Remix by Derek Palmer) [Nahawand Recordings]

“Desire” Part 3 (Remixes by: Urban Lea, Alan Cuevas, Experimental Feelings, Shayan  Pasha
[Old SQL Recordings]

Racing to Somewhere, (Producer: Rezwan Khan, Remix by: Tecnosine) [Emergent Skies]

Soar (Producer: CMCV) [Silent Shore Progressive]


“I Remember” (Acues, and Eryon Stocker) [Ultima Audio]

“I Need Your Love” (Danny Druce) [Soluna Music]

“Summerbreeze” Compilation (Mixed by Ellez Ria) Track Featured: “City Lights” Extended Mix by Matt X [Vibrate White]

“Impulse” (Sergey Shvets) [Yeiskomp Records]

“Mesmerized” (Arsen Gold) [Yeiskomp Records]

“Closer to You” (W!SS) [Yeiskomp Records]

“In the Moonlight” single release (as Orchid 7) (Producer: Derek Palmer) [Bonzai Back Catalog]

Before and After Album, Extended Mixes “Incomplete” Producer: (Arkam) [Vibrate White]

“In the Darkness”, “Sometimes I Feel” (as Orchid 7) (Featured in the Album “Gemini”)

(Producer: Derek Palmer, with guitar by Chris Cooper) [Emergent Skies]

“To Love Again” (Producer: Derek Palmer)[Estrella Recordings]

“When I Lost You” (Producers: Ross Rayer, and Syntouch) [Butterfly Music]

“In the Twilight” (Producer: YuriyFromRussia. With Remixes by: Koschk, Experimental Feelings, and Ricardo Piedra) [Bonzai Progressive]

From the Album “Younity”
“Rapid Fire” (Atragun, and Second Mars) [Sub Mission Recordings]

“Embrace the Shadow” (Alex Delta) [Appointed Recordings]

“Here With Me” (Rafa Montejo. With Remixes by: Haycan, Kash Mihra, DJ Abscence, and Gianmarco Fabbretti) [Destinesia Records]

“Searching For You” (Arsen Gold, and Abide) [Aurora Melodies]

Future Sound of Egypt 500 compilation, Track featured: “Diamond Eyes” (original mix by Farid) [FSOE]

“Frozen in Time” (Derek Palmer) [Silent Shore Progressive]

“Diamond Eyes” (Farid, and Remix by Enzo) [FSOE Parallels]

“Runaway” (Phil Dinner) [Sundance Recordings]

“Endless Sky” (Gianmarco Fabbretti) [Vibrate Audio]

“Scarlet Sunrise” (Dennis Pedersen) [Emergent Skies]

“Winding Road” (Sander Wilder, and Ellez Ria) [Vibrate Audio]

“Oblivion” (Arsen Gold) [SMIND Music]

“Anjuna Beach” (Rafa Montejo. With Remixes by: Kash Mihra, Derek Palmer, and Rodas) [Songside Recordings]

“Sea of Hope” (Nord Horizon) [Emergent Skies]

“Sweet Escape” (Zoul and Feel) [Vibrate White]


“Desire” (Part one) (Platunoff. With Remixes by: Jay Hubbard, Alan Cuevas) [Old SQL Recordings]

“Until the Dawn” (part one) (Platunoff. Remixes by: Dextrose, Reiklavik, MayWave) [Sunstate Records]

“Desire” (Part two) (Additional Remixes by: Zan Prevee, Division One, Retroid) [Old SQL Recordings]

“Rapture” (Killsign Kilo) [Lost World Recordings RED]

“Euphoric Light” (DJ XQuizit ) (With Remixes by: MayWave, Nuestro, Keywork and J. Puchler)
[Entrancing Music]

“Until the Dawn” (Part Two) (Additional remixes by: Zan Prevee, Rogier Schouten, and Loquai) [Sunstate Records]

“Rapture” (part two) (Remix by: Morpho Uplift, and Instrumental Mix) [Lost World Recordings RED]

“Without You” (Spherical Bloom. Remixes by: YuriyFromRussia, Arsen Gold, DJ Abscence, J.Puchler and Keywork) [Sorcery Records]

“Tainted Love” (DJ Abscence) [Appointed Recordings / Caffeine Music Group]

“Rapture” (part three) (Remix by: Frozen Skies) [Lost World Recordings RED]

“Daydreaming” (DJ Chris Drifter, Reelaux. With Remixes by: Antrim, Felipe Michan, YuriyFromRussia) [Soul Art Recordings]

“Distance” (NavidN2M) [Abora Recordings]

“Over and Over Again” (Freydal) [Emergent Shores]

“Dreaming of You” (Rogier Schouten. With Remixes by: GAR, Magnetic Brothers) [PHW Elements]

“Echoes in the Wind” (Derek Palmer. With Remixes by: Kamron Schrader, The Giant, and EMOD) [Sunstate Records]


“Into the Night” (CJ Seven, original mix, with remixes by Maywave, Spherical Bloom, Eryon Stocker) [Sunstate Records]

“I Wonder” (L3V3LS, and Sufnet) [OuterTone]

“Until the Dawn” (teaser) (Platunoff, Remix by Rogier) [Sunstate Records]

This phenomenal artist has an incredible song library, and more to come. Plus we have featured many of her songs,  here at Electrofans as well. From Uplifting, Progressive, and Deep House, Hidden Tigress has no boundaries with genres. Delivering positive vibes, creativity, plus energy through her amazing lyrics, and mesmerizing vocals. Happy to share her amazing lyrics, and vocals with the rest of the world.

For more information about the amazing artist, be sure to visit her websites.

The Official Hidden Tigress Website

All Social Media Links

Prior releases can be found on these YouTube playlists






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