PREMIERE: Dantian – Words Just Don’t Feel Like Enough [SRNDR Records]

Dantian presents ‘Words Just Don’t Feel Like Enough’, a melodic house stunner that features warm, percussive beats and a deep, unassuming bassline. Driven by a constant arpeggiated topline that evolves in character and texture along with the ebb and flow of the track’s arrangement, the track will surely appeal to those who enjoy strong, emotive sounds that tell a story.

Beatport exclusive July 13 (worldwide full release July 26)

Dantian’s passion for music began as a child growing up in Zimbabwe. Through soulful African music and culture, he saw how spirituality, community and music were intrinsically connected. Later, he moved to Southern California where he was introduced to electronic music and DJing, becoming so obsessed that he dragged his desktop computer to house parties, mixing using a mouse and keyboard. He soon became enamoured with music production and enjoyed the sense of empowerment that came with being able to fully express himself and his creative visions. He also organised events locally and inspired by the integration of music and spirituality at transformational music festivals, became drawn to underground house and techno music and its potential to evoke emotionally transformative experiences. His love for music has always been firmly rooted in its ability to deeply connect us with our selves, and bring people together. His productions allude to that sense of spirituality and the universal truth, characterised by beautiful, ethereal melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

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