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2Say – Play for Keeps

New Bay Area artist 2Say releases debut single, “Play For Keeps”

Release Date: January 23, 2024

“Play For Keeps” is about a troubled relationship, where both partners question their future together. But it only takes one defining action to reassure that the relationship is worth fighting for.

The song is inspired by artists like Lane 8.


About his debut release, 2Say says: “My first release under my artist project, 2Say. A 9 year culmination of falling in love with dance music and learning music production, so that I can express myself through music and lyrics.”

Listen to the full song on SoundCloud:


In 2014, a Bay Area college kid named Alvin fell in love with dance music. Over the next 9 years, he threw himself into music production, music theory, and the dance music culture; investing countless sleep-deprived nights while navigating the delicate balance of self-critique and the endless chase for perfection.

Alvin has always had difficulty expressing himself through ordinary words. However, under his artist name 2Say, a playful twist on “who am I to say,” he is able to craft a unique blend of lyrics and melodies, providing him a creative outlet for his feelings. For 2Say, music is more than a craft; it also acts as a time machine and a communal medium for self-expression.

On January 23, 2024, 2Say achieved a significant personal milestone: publicly releasing his first song. Grateful for the support from family and friends, 2Say eagerly anticipates sharing more of his musical creations with the world, hoping that his feelings transformed into sound will leave a mark on his listeners.

P.S. 2Say loves his cat, Pepsi, and his neighbors’ cat Grayson.




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