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Syntouch, Divaiz – “Betelgeuse” (Derek Palmer Remix)

Album: Betelgeuse (Derek Palmer Remix)
Original mix, and sound design by: Syntouch, Divaiz, Syndicate
Remix by: Derek Palmer
On Butterfly Music
Available now

Imagine if you could go anywhere, beyond our little blue planet. Exploring the vastness of space. What wonders, and the unknown flow by, as your craft accelerates heading to somewhere. From stars, to asteroids, black holes, planets yet to be, those that have faded, and so much more.

The original track tapped into an ambient, melodic energy. But within Derek Palmer’s remix, it taps into unexplored energy. Propulsion, force, and guidance through the flow of sound. Crafting something wonderful, that goes another level beyond what the original song connected with.

Betelgeuse, is amazing, and its remix is awesome. A must add to your music library. It is available now

Music Video

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