Alexander de Roy & Hidden Tigress – “Straight To My Heart“

Album: Straight to My Heart
Lyrics and vocals, by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, Sound Design: Alexander De Roy
Release on: Abora Recordings
Available now

Words: they carry meaning, emotions, they can also cause pain, sorrow, and hurt. Even though when we say things we do not mean, some words carry what we feel deep down inside. Words that we never want to say to someone else.

Throughout this beautiful song, Hidden Tigress’s mesmerizing, and soulful vocals, and lyrics touch on everything you feel in a moment. An instant flow of energy, static electricity, a shock to the system, that charge you get when connected to someone special. But in a second, something they said or did broke your heart, mind, body, and spirit.

The melody created by Alexander De Roy is moving, poetic, kinetic, and flows with the incredible lyrics and vocals. It connects with the various sensations, a vibe we get when deeply connected with another person. From tension, heartbreak, understanding, acceptance, and healing. From start to finish, the melody captures that essence of a beating heart, to a moment of calm.

Both versions of the song, original mix, and extended mix are a must own in your music library.

Music video

The music video for this powerful, beautiful, and moving song has a vibe on another layer. The imagery captures a range of emotions, expression, art, what we feel inside, to the words left unsaid, to what we go through each day trying to resolve a conflict, how to feel, heal, or reach a resolution.

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