Matthew Naquin (artist name “San Mateo”) is a graphic designer, visual artist, and music-maker from St. Louis, Missouri. Under his San Mateo musical persona, Matthew “bends soundscapes and fuzzy rhythms, filtered through film grain and lo-fi aesthetics.” He describes the songs he creates as “irresistibly melodic while strangely familiar, steeped in a tingling feeling of a shadow caught by the corner of an eye.”

The artist further states: “San Mateo is first and foremost an art project … I try to see every piece as part of a larger whole… These visual pieces mirror the dream-like sense that flavors the project’s sound.”

In true multimedia fashion, San Mateo accompanies his music with his own artwork, videos, and even snippets of interesting conversations he’s had on his travels.


His latest album, ‘Deepstaria,’ was released April 17th on Bandcamp. It’s “an album comprised of haunting synthesized textures and distant melodic evocations. The album gets its title from a translucent jellyfish tumbling through the deepest parts of the ocean. Deepstaria’s songs transmit this feeling of tumbling; bodies set adrift.” As San Mateo describes, “The songs convey this idea that we are the wandering cartographers of our own lives.”

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