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NEW RELEASE: ZODIAC13 “A Thread of Light Remixes”

ZODIAC13 “A Thread of Light Remixes”

Takuya Yamashita

Takuya Yamashita is born from Japan,Kobe.
He was interested in classical music in his early teens.
In his college and graduate days,he studied Mahler’s symphonies and modern and contemporary classical music.

During the same period,he started to listen and compose techno music by my friend’s influence.In those days he love English techno.

After college he moved to Sapporo.And he often started going to the club.So he started to listen and compose minimal style techno and Detroit techno.

He appears to be a gifted multi talented artist and composes various styles of music by various artist names.

Artwork Design: Yerruy83

ZODIAC13レーベル2周年企画として、Takuya Yamashita氏の”A Thread of Lights” Remixesをリリース。


“Circle of Lights”から約1年。“輪”を描く様に集う光は、それぞれの目的地へと”交差”し、満天の星空へと旅立ちます。

Remixes Part.1

Sick of TV, Liggy k, 06R, Robert BEAT, Akira Kawarazaki



1. A Thread of Light Sick of TV RemixTakuya Yamashita, Sick of TV

2. A Thread of Light Liggy K RemixTakuya Yamashita, Liggy K

3. A Thread of Light 06R RemixTakuya Yamashita, 06R

4. A Thread of Light Roberto BEAT RemixTakuya Yamashita, Roberto Beat

5. A Thread of Light Akira Kawarazaki RemixTakuya Yamashita, AKIRA KAWARAZAKI

6. A Thread of Light Original Mix 2022 RemasterTakuya Yamashita

Remixes Part.2

Anthony Huttley, Keisuke Kimura, Reqterdrumer and Yerruziq, Takuma.org, NAYUTA


1 A Thread of Light Anthony Huttley RemixTakuya Yamashita, Anthony Huttley

2. A Thread of Light Keisuke Kimura RemixTakuya Yamashita, Keisuke Kimura

3. A Thread of Light Reqterdrumer & Yerruziq RemixTakuya Yamashita, Reqterdrumer, Yerruziq

4. A Thread of Light Takuma.org RemixTakuya Yamashita, Takuma.org

5. A Thread of Light NAYUTA RemixTakuya Yamashita, Nayuta

6. Variations on a Theme ‘A Thread of Light’ For Piano & Strings Orchestra 2022 RemasterTakuya Yamashita

About LuNa

LuNaLUNA is a DJ from Osaka, Japan.
She started DJ-ing in dining bars back in 2011. Since then, she has decided to limit herself to online activities, such as podcasts and radio shows, which actually brought her to a wider stage.

As a child, LUNA grew up in an environment with different types of music and this contributed to the fact that her play style incorporates a diversity of music genres like House, Techno, something Deep and Progressive, and also Chill. She is free-spirited and plays in her own style.

In order to make more people interested in club music and enjoy clubbing, LUNA is still working hard on performing her mission.

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