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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation film soundtrack

Album: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation original film soundtrack
Various Artists
Release: 1997

First, this film although was a sequel to the hit original, it was hit and miss on its story. Awesome to see more of the kast join into the fray. Just the film was a weird mess, putting it lightly. But the soundtrack? If you loved the first film OST, you will love this one too. Taking a page from the previous film, the energy is on another level, but it also takes chances with the kharacters, some may fall, but the rest will keep going. Even though the film had its rough moments, the soundtrack like the kharacters it never gave up, but kept fighting on.

While the original had a more hopeful sound, this entry takes on a more sinister, darker vibe. It feels as if the music is having a battle within, with the dark side rising, while the heroic side struggles with the incoming duel. Every blow is felt through each song, one triumphs, the other may falter but never gives in.

Interesting note, this is on one CD, given the limits of how much a disc can hold at the time.
It was released primarily on cassette, and CD. But no vinyl sadly.

1) The Immortals – Theme from Mortal Kombat (Encounter The Ultimate)
A shorter version of the hit theme song. It may be brief but still packs a punch

2) Scooter – Fire
3) KMFDM – Megalomaniac
4) Megadeth – Almost Honest (Danny Saber Mix)
Yes, you read that right, a Megadeath song. But wait its actually excellent, and might have heard it before

5) Pitchshifter – Genius
6) Rammstein – Engel
7) Psykosonik – Panik Kontrol
Also known as “Raiden Flip”

8) Juno Reactor – Conga Fury
This one might sound familiar if you watched the Matrix. But it actually appeared here first.

9) Libra Presents Taylor – Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Granny’s 7″ Edit)
Note: Libra is one of BT’s aliases. During his earlier producing days, trying something experimental, a more hybrid sound style that you can identify by its energy and vibe.

10) Manbreak – Ready or Not (Ben Grosse Kombat Mix)
11) Cirrus – Back on a Mission
12) Face to Face – I Won’t Lie Down (Kombat Mix)
13) Urban Voodoo – Brutality
14) Lunatic Calm – Leave U Far Behind (V.2 Instrumental Mix)
15) The Future Sound of London – We Have Explosive (Radio Edit)
Wait this was in Wip30ut. This is a nice surprise

16) Shaun Imrei – Two Telephone Calls and An Air Raid
Plays during the battle, when Cyrax goes after Jax and Sonya. The melody and beat get more intense, builds into a wild sound, then slows down, building up once again.

17) Joseph Bishara – Death is the Only Way Out (Cyrax’s Theme)
This theme song goes hard, but in a good way. It is a hyped up version, but dang so good

18) George S. Clinton – X Squad
Baddies can have an awesome theme song. Seriously it is epic!

19) Kasl and Beal – Theme from Mortal Kombat (Chicken Dust Mix)
A more upbeat, odd way to describe this klassic song. This remix has a way different energy from the original mix. A fascinating creative choice

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