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A set of 10 outstanding chill tracks

(Re)focus, re-charge, and CHILL……


1) After Sunrise – Night Mood (Original Mix) [Summer Melody]

2) Asioto – Take You Far Away (Original Mix) [Synth Collective]

3) Michael Felix – Siam (Original Mix) [Moon Island Records]

4) Technik – Nor

5) Tobias Zaldua and Kirsty Hawkshaw – Let it go (Waxing Crescent) [Wellhead Records]

6) Saultloom – Solitude (Original Mix)

7) Z8phyR – Wind’s Caress [Soluna Music]

8) Michael A – Wanderer (Nerutto Remix) [Ghost Digital]

9) Ciree – Primavera (Numedian Remix) [Soluna Music] [Soluna Music]

10) Blend – Drizzle (Original Mix)

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