JVNA – “Hope In Chaos”

Album: JVNA – “Hope in Chaos”
Artist, sound design, producer: JVNA
Label: self release
Release date: November 19th, 2021

JVNA is an independent artist, also a DJ growing within the music world. On Twitch her energy, and sound style capture the hearts of music lovers the world over. This album was a passion project, a part of her life’s journey so far, and yet to be. It also captures her life in a moment, as each song unravels like a chapter within a novel. From triumph, to heartbreak, to getting stronger, finding an identity, to self discovery.

JVNA is a phenomenal artist, and DJ with many more music journeys on the way. Plus starting this year, she has a tour with her new album. If you get a chance to attend, make it so.

Links to her social media, plus twitch channel and more in her artist link. JVNA is an amazing artist you definitely should keep an eye out for, + vibes and energy within her music

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