Hidden Tigress, Fredd Moz – “Let the Rain Fall Down”

Album: Let the Rain Fall Down
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer, editing, sound design: Fredd Moz
Release: out now
Label: Grotesque Music

What type of sound does rain make? Pitter patter. Drip drop. Or the sound of a heart beat. That feeling of excitement, happiness, or sadness. Every emotion, has a unique sound, rhythm, that flows throughout.

A song, a melody, a beat, vocals, and lyrics together as one. Within art like this song, it can be connected to what you feel deep down inside. The amazing, and beautiful lyrics, and vocals from Hidden Tigress connect to the melody, as one, singing together. Painting a picture, a state of mind, body, and soul. That connection we have towards what is within our lives.

“Let the Rain Fall Down” is a work of art, with Fredd Moz using his craft, creating a beautiful sound that connects with Hidden Tigress’s dazzling, and mesmerizing vocals like the rain drops, flowing as one

Music video

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