Introducing DJ SAVED M.L. from Sicily

DJ Saved M.L. is an exciting producer/DJ from Sicily. He makes music that could be considered in the electro-house vein, with smooth grooves and upbeat, melodic vocal vibes. Having actually been in the game since 2008, one of his tracks, “Speak” (produced with Tylo), was printed on vinyl and supported by Armin Van Buuren on his show, “A State of Trance!”

He’s been featured on radio shows like Marbella Radio, ElectraFM, and Radio 105, and he’s played at clubs such as Café Del Mar – Malta, Gold Fish Australia, Hollywood Milano and more.

Salvo says, about his hot new track, “Champagne” (featuring the vocals of Jaime Deraz – released November 26th on Bang Record):

It’s a track that gives you positive vibes, with a warm and fantastic voice from Jaime, a drop that doesn’t make you sit still, great for clubs and enjoyable to listen to on the radio.

Another track with uplifting feel-good dance vibes – “All I Want”:

You can be sure that DJ Saved M.L. will be lighting up future dance floors with major big-room stompers, like this one!


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