Pheww, this year was like WOWW!!!! So much happened for us in 2021, it was really challenging even to put together this graphic to best reflect it all! :D.


This year we:

– Began our new “Pro Talk” discussion & interview series.

– Continued strong with our monthly podcast, “Soundscapes.”

– Introduced you to several producers, breaking new releases and artists in the “New Artist Discovery,” Selection of the Week, and Artist Profiles sections of our blog.

– Acquired our first customers as an official music promotion company.

– Broke the Top 20 on Google for “electronic music blog.”

– Had the most traffic ever on our website last month (November 2021).

– Reviewed music software for top companies.

– Helped get the word out about several events, live DJ shows, and more.

– Brought you great content in our guest editor columns, “Eye on Japan” with LuNA, and “Techno Melodica,” from Zaria.

– Saw our friends/members of our network land some huge gigs, get signed by major labels, get picked up on some big playlists and land in the top of the Beatport charts.

– Supported many FEMALE ARTISTS & DJs (while it’s not our only or primary focus, it’s something we like to do here at Electrofans, and you can count on that continuing into the future 🙂 )

Thank you for being with us and supporting us this year. We’ve got some big plans ahead for 2022 (we’ll announce them in the coming weeks), so be sure to keep it tuned to this space!

Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and love each other ❤️🎵

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