“Diamond Eyes” LTN Pres. Ghostbeat Remix

Album: Diamond Eyes (LTN Pres. Ghostbeat Remix)
Lyrics and vocals by singer/songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer (Original Mix): Farid
Additonal Remix along with original mix: Enzo
Producer (Remix): LTN feat. Ghostbeat
Label: FSOE Parallels

The original mix of “Diamond Eyes” was a marvel, fusing a unique energy, passion, and style. It is still one of the most amazing tunes within Farid, and Hidden Tigress’s music catalog. It is beautiful, melodic, intimate, and magical. Hidden Tigress’s vocals, and lyrics are incredible, taking your mind, and heart on a journey like no other. Mesmerizing, captivating, heartfelt, and amazing.

Plus Enzo’s awesome remix, which captured that same energy, fused it into his own making a surreal track. Enzo’s remix contained its own heart, and soul, melody, and keeping that enthralling magic the original mix contained.

This new remix takes that energy, and embraces it. With its own distinct sound style, while mixing a bit of +vibes that give its own personality. Ghostbeat embraces a free style, with a synergy of beauty, captivating, and faithful energy. A feeling of being alone with someone special, like a beach: with crashing waves, open atmosphere, no one else around, or a sunset passing through the waves, creating a magical time. Definitely a must buy, and listen as it takes you (and someone special) away

Both the original track, and new remix were featured on the awesome podcast FSOE (Future Sound of Egypt)

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