“I Won’t Let You Fall” Space Motion Remix

Album: “I Won’t Let You Fall” (Space Motion Remix)
Lyrics and vocals by singer/songwriter: JES
Producers (Original Mix): Aly and Fila
Producer (Remix): Space Motion
Label: UV

The original mix of this phenomenal track gained lots of love, and praise. Within the original, and the uplifting mix, both versions have a distinct sound style, plus JES’s incredible vocals. Both versions are magical, and amazing to get lost into.

Space Motion’s remix takes this awesome tune to another level. Containing more of an outer space type of vibe, as if you’re floating. With JES’s vocals connecting within the melody, the flow is spectacular. Plus the melody has its own character, and personality, surrounding the lyrics and vocals with a club like vibe. Where you actually feel the song is alive, as JES is your guide through its nebula. A remix that should not be missed

Plus this awesome remix was featured on a recent episode of Aly and Fila’s FSOE podcast episode 693

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