Borka FM – Transformation (Album)

Each of us is born, evolves and dies alone. We are not alone, but we create ourselves and follow the path of Transformation throughout life, and even many. The intensity and velocity of self-development depends on our intentions and concentration. This is the path of a peaceful warrior which destroys illusions in the name of enlightenment. This is a message of “Transformation” LP.

The tracklist is built in the order of personality transformation from the full “Silence” to the “Last Train to Night Ride”. This is the path of self-determination through “U&I”, “Awakening” and then “High”, where “Friends” are waiting for you. “This Feeling” of deep understanding of yourself, a labyrinth of exploration expressed in the tracks “Aum”, “Dark Matters”, “Drown In It” and “Mantra” with reincarnation in “Phoenix”. Then only “Heaven” and “Last Train to Night Ride” — the path of total liberation and the formation of the true Self.

“Transformation” LP is a deeply personal story, understandable to each of us. We sincerely believe that this album will accompany you on the path of change to a better version of yourself.

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