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Anton By, AV, Hidden Tigress – “Nothing To Lose”

Album: Nothing to Lose
Lyrics, and Vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producers, Sound Design by: Anton By, AV
Label: Interplay Records
Release: Out Now

From the opening melody, to the lyrics and vocals encapsulating your senses. Everything comes together, then the focus, and power behind each word. A battle cry, a moment to never give up, keep on going. Driven, motivated, and moving. Hidden Tigress’s vocals and lyrics deliver an emotion, and flow of energy that connects to you throughout the song. Plus the awesome melody by Anton By, and AV completes the experience, wrapping you in vibes that make you want to scream and shout, raise your hands in the air, and just let everything out.

This amazing release is available now
Plus a beautiful music video compliments the experience, with incredible visuals, and vibes

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