“All I Feel” Remix

Album title: All I Feel (Derek Palmer Remix)
Lyrics and vocals: Hidden Tigress
Original track Producer: Syntouch feat. Sunsliderz
Label: Butterfly Music
Release: available on all digital stores today

The original track had its own energy, but lyrics and vocals by Hidden Tigress are always a marvel. To hear a remix, take a different style and rush to deliver a completely new experience. Derek’s remix opens up to a more vast world, resonance, wonder, and beauty. Something far different from the original. The contrast feels like a dream, as the remix expands to a more vast energy, that feels free all its own. From beginning to end, its a beautiful journey worth listening, and dancing to. Let its melody and heart, plus Hidden Tigress’s captivating, and incredible vocals take you away

Plus a fantastic music video, filled with lush visuals, imagery, breathtakingly connects to the track on another level.
All I Feel (Remix music video)

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