“A Melodic Affair” album by Flemcy Music artists

‘A Melodic Affair’ album on Flemcy Music

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This December, and for our final installment of the year, Flemcy Music is very proud to present a collection of melodic works that we hope will help to warm a mountain of hearts this winter.

Featuring our resident visionaries JP Lantieri, Ornery, Forest Weed, Sounom & Sagou and Fractal Architect, and introducing incredible new talents Caz Coronel, Xabiso, Saintbull, Eli David, Jack Lazarus and Teleport-X, ‘A Melodic Affair’ will lift, inspire and undoubtedly satisfy with its perfect blend of colourful atmospheres, innovative progressions, worldwide traditional influences and deeply emotive substance.

Through the unexpected trials and tribulations that we have endured over the last year, there is one light now shining more brightly than ever; the light projected by our unconditional love for the music which unites us all. Let’s join hands this Christmas and praise our endurance, our strength, and of course all of the artists who have provided us with their much-needed, healing, progressive journeys during these difficult and uncertain times.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and a very Merry Christmas from the management team and all of the artists here at Flemcy Music. We shall see you all in 2021!


Released on 16 December 2020, available here


Watch Flemcy veteran Ornery play the whole “A Melodic Affair” album among stunning visuals:


Album tracks:

  1. Teleport-X – Planeador (Original Mix)
  2. Caz Coronel – Mambe (Xabiso Remix)
  3. Jack Lazarus – New Beginning (Original Mix)
  4. Forest Weed – Culture (Original Mix)
  5. Ornery – The Essence (Original Mix)
  6. Saintbull – Teide (Original Mix)
  7. JP Lantieri – Fifty Shades (Original Mix) — FREE DOWNLOAD —
  8. Eli David – Dance in Dubai (Original Mix)
  9. Fractal Architect – Hope and History (Original Mix)
  10. Sounom & Sagou – Saivu (Original Mix)


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