Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy (TEC)

It was ten years ago, a film that continued a sci-fi epic. From a different time, space, and atmosphere. Once the legendary duo became part of its unexpected sequel, it changed the way we see film soundtracks. Taking several years to create their journey with the film, ten years later we finally hear the soundtrack in it’s entirety.

Containing even more unreleased songs, previously only heard in snippets of the film. Now can be journeyed through by their fans after their bizarre silence for a numerous amount of time.

A Christmas surprise? Most definitely.
Was it what their fans wanted?
Honestly I think it’s pretty cool, we finally have a complete soundtrack, of the ambitious film.

Tron: Legacy (Complete Edition)

Enjoy the ride, or take a dive for the first time. It is totally worth a listen

Available for digital purchase and download Tron: Legacy (TEC) digital on amazon

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