Unleash the Beat, the Journey of JES

A fantastic singer, and songwriter Jes wanted to explore new horizons. From collaborations, to projects put down on pencil and paper, put into vocals, plus finding a home for her style, and sound. There is no singer, songwriter, or producer quite like her. This is her story.

Where it began – the Rush
As a longtime fan of Jes’s work, her early tunes are mainstays on the radio, and the ever evolving music scene. But back then, there was change happening in the music scene. Guardians of the Earth, a team up of Jes, and Mike Olson. They formed this awesome duo, creating amazing tunes likes “Star Children” and “One Moon Circling

On a mix by Paul Van Dyk called “The Politics of Dancing” a certain singer emerged within its amazing vibes. Soulful, mesmerizing, and incredible, it lead to being a highlight for something awesome in the future. The track “Star Children” was featured on the album, taking her to new heights and the great unknown.

Gabriel and Dresden, plus the phenomenal singer, and songwriter Jes. This fantastic trio created the band Motorcycle, with a track that was the theme of a generation. Music was evolving with every release, but this one cemented itself as something unique, and unheard of before. 2003 to 2004 it was all over the place, in many top music lists. Plus this team up, and track lead to an amazing world tour all around our astonishing planet.

There is an awesome interview with Gabriel and Dresden, featured at MuzikXpress Interview The origins found different connections, as to how each artist came together to bring something amazing to life.

Not long after, she was signed by Tiesto’s label “Black Hole“. Which lead to several solo albums, plus awesome collaboration with various talents in the music world. From BT, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Richard Durand, TyDi, and many more. Going to highlight several of these amazing albums

Disconnect – the first album
A collection of her amazing library of music thus far. Plus collaborations with Solarstone on numerous tracks, building a unique story within the album. It is a fantastic trip through memory lane, as these songs continue to inspire artists even now. Featuring tons of remixes by well known artists. Definitely an album that is timeless.

Elements of Life
“Everything” became one those tracks that stuck with you, even after the first listen. But it also complimented the journey thus far, showing that her energy and talent was always evolving. No two songs sound alike. Plus the acoustic version is a marvel, with its own spin, yet intimate and captivating.

Every Other Way – These Hopeful Machines
A special tune, a collaboration with BT (Brian Transeau) longtime friends, and working together on this astonishing gem. Even though it may be ten years since its release. EOW is a fantastic tune to get lost in. Literally any tune with Jes, contains magic you cannot find anywhere else.

High Glow – Another level
Collecting more of her amazing tunes, in an astonishing album. They are the rhythms of her heart, and creativity. The best of, but also a celebration of life then and now. Each track also shows her evolution, talent, and growth as a performer, and creative energy.

Unleash the Beat Volume 1
Featuring the best of, and some of JES’s handpicked favorites across the music atmosphere. Plus some exclusive tunes, you will not hear any where else. This album is also mixed by JES herself. It is an awesome album that is a must listen, or something motivating to work out too. There is high energy, mid, and low. Something for everyone, or to dance to. Whatever you prefer. Even more awesome, is that this would be her amazing podcast which is still running every Sunday.
Tracks featured here in this sweet album.
“High Glow” (JES Vocal Redux edit), “The Light In Things” with BT, “Imagination” (Kaskade Club Remix), “Everything” with Tiesto (Cosmic Gate remix), “Around You” (Gabriel and Dresden remix), “Awaken” (Thomas Gold Remix) and many more incredible tunes

Unleash the Beat Volume 2
Another awesome collection of tunes, this time done to resonate a daytime / nighttime kind of vibe. A set of 28 tracks, plus two complete mixes. It filled two cds, but digital includes the amazing mixes that take you on another adventure altogether. This set continues the astonishing journey that JES has been on so far. From a getaway, to a night energy that takes you to a moonlit sky.
Tunes featured in this album: “Ghost” (TyDi Remix), “Turn it Around” with Robbie Rivera (Remix by Maurizio Gubellini vs. Nari & Milani), “Before You Go” with Andy Duguid (Remix by Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV), “As We Collide” with Christian Burns, and Paul Oakenfold (Remix by Orjan Nilsen), “Higher than the Sun” (Club Mix) with Roger Shah, and Brian Laruso, “Unleash the Beat” (Remix by Dr. K & Nii vs. SHIHA), “Flying Blind” with Cosmic Gate (remix by Tom Fall)

A Song Across Wires – with BT
“Letting Go” with BT, and Fractal
An energized track, filled with +vibes, highlighted by JES’s phenomenal vocals. The rhythm, tone, and energy is nonstop from start to finish. A feeling of movement, shift, change, constantly in motion. The song feels alive, vibrant, and colorful. As part of the ASAW album, it is a unique part of the journey throughout the album. Combined with BT, and Fractal’s incredible sound design, JES’s vocals have breakdowns, shifts, and incorporate the melody, harmonizing every note.

“Tonight” with BT, and TyDi
Conveying a synergy of vibes, expression and wonder. An incredible tune that finds a balance, tone, and flow. With a bit of club-esque vibe. Beats and lyrics that get stuck in your head. The longer extended mix just oozes so much energy that the album version connects, by shifting from one track to the next, whereas the stand alone track is an awesome journey throughout. Clocking in at 10 minutes, which to most releases is something you do not ordinarily see any more. Its a beautiful track that deserves even more love. BT and TyDi, merging their creativity, with JES’s phenomenal vocals, delivers a unique experience you will not hear any where else.

Unleash the Beat Platinum
Celebrating the the best of music, and more of her fantastic hits. The classic “Everything” with Tiesto is a celebration of the journey thus far, with the past still inspiring the present. With “In Your Eyes” with Ferry Corsten, a recent hit, delivering those astonishing vibes that JES is known for, but also tells a story. “Higher Than the Sun” remix by Aly and Fila (original mix by Roger Shah, and Brian Laruso) delivering even more vibes, that every track connects to your heart. 14 tracks of + vibes

Unleash the Beat Blonde
Another amazing mix, with a blend of classic tracks, and new ones given a fun spin. “Runaway” with Cold Blue and Dennis Sheperd, “Letting Go” with BT, and Fractal (remix by Antillas and Dankann), “Every Other Way” with BT, (remix by Johan Malmgren), plus “Like a Waterfall” with Solarstone (with an exclusive remix)

Unleash the Beat Vol 3
An astonishing collection, celebrating more of her awesome releases, past and present. “High Glow” (Sunny Lax Remix), “All Night” (Alex Barlog remix), “Two Souls”, “Runaway” (Tenishia Remix), “Glitter and Gold” with Roger Shah, and Sunlounger (Remix by Antillas and Dankann)

Unleash the Beat Emerald
Continuing the tradition, with tunes by various artists. Plus sweet remixes from her song library.
“Hold On” with Shant, and Clint Maximus (remix by Fatum), “Yai (Here We Go Again)” with Cosmic Gate, “Runaway” with Cold Blue, Dennis Sheperd (remix by Triad Dragons), “Two Souls” (Fisherman and Hawkins remix)

Electronic Opus –
available every where
EO on Amazon
EO on ITunes
“Dreaming” (original vocals by Kirsty Hawkshaw) from the album “Movement in Still Life”
This re-interpretation from the EO album, brings together the classic tune, mixed with orchestral lead in.. and JES’s fantastic vocals. It is a stunning version of the song, with that BT energy and style creating a vast experience.

“A Million Stars” (original vocals also by Kirsty Hawkshaw) from the album “These Hopeful Machines”
A blend of the past, with a mix of the present. A kaleidoscope of melody, heart, and soul. JES’s voice takes you on a journey, thru its notes, energy, and the rush as it picks up momentum, and she glides through each note. Feeling as if you’re flying throughout this incredible tune. This version takes the sound and energy to another level, with headphones, close your eyes, and let it take you away.

Unleash the Beat – Ultra Violet
Keeping the party going! Featuring tracks: “Yai” (Here we go again) with Cosmic Gate (remix by Super8 and Tab), “Happy” with Austin Leeds, and Redhead Roman (Remix by Delared vs Kings of 3), plus the classic tune “Dreamweaver” (Remix by Roger Shah), “Come Back” with Tom Fall

“Fall into You” (from Materia chapter one, with Cosmic Gate)
One of the most beautiful, yet heartfelt tunes yet. Focusing more on JES’s vocals, transfixed in a state of being, flow, and wonder. Then building its melody, connecting to her lyrics throughout.

“Materia” intro mix and “If Not Now” (Materia chapter two, with Cosmic Gate
“Materia” as a track all its own, resonates a bit of a meditative state of being. A beautiful tune, flowing with JES’s voice. A unique experience, that is worthwhile listening. Then the melody kicks in, and does not lose momentum.
“If Not Now” a driving beat, and JES’s amazing vocals come together. A track from the heart, of life, and the unknown.

“Calling For Love” (from the album “We Are the Light” with Markus Schulz)
A building melody, with JES’s vocals leading the way. Then from within, it escalates, like an embrace as the two become one. Powerful, yet a song with heart, driven, yet guided by something that tells you a + message.

“Second Day” (from the album “Escape” with Markus Schulz)
Continuing the journey, the opening notes reverberate, echo something within. With the melody building, part orchestral, yet a calming energy with trance. Soulful, captivating, a beautiful harmony, built with JES’s voice. Cascading tones, it is something you can get lost in

“Long Way Home” (from the album “Last King of Scotland” with Will Atkinson)
A more intimate track, with variations of her astonishing vocals throughout, and an incredible melody built within. It is one of those tunes that mesmerizes you during a listen. As if going somewhere, unknown, but looking beyond eager to explore. Guaranteed to send chills.

We Belong to the Night
A calling, a sensation, a want, a need to find a connection to someone else. A cascading melody, and JES’s soulful sound lead in to something wonderful under the light of a full moon. Plus the music video, is a fun one too. Aroo!

Here With Me
A different energy, yet amazing to listen to. Together? Separate? How do you feel when close or far away? This track echoes that sensation, feeling, and emotion. Hearts beat as one, or thinking one another. Will you be there after the sun’s gone down, and the moon rises? Till the daylight returns?

Say the Word
A wonderful feeling, guided by your heart, and love. But one word can bring two people together, near or far. This magical tune delivers all of those feels, and emotions. Plus a beautiful music video, compliments this amazing song

Don’t Let It End
To have more time, to get lost in something wonderful. Wish you could stop time. This track says all the words you wanted to say. With an energized vibe, JES’s vocals and lyrics become your heart. A beautiful track from start to finish, put it on repeat.

Under the Midnight Sun
A journey of the sun, and moon, trying to find one another. With an incredible beat, and fantastic vocals that serenade the heart, mind, and soul. A beautiful rush of feels, making your heart skip a beat, and wanting to move.
It is a magical track, guaranteed to make you feel good inside, or share it with a special someone.

I personally reviewed this awesome tune. And love it. Also the music video that goes with this tune is marvelous, captivating, sensual, and breathtaking.

These albums and songs, are a few pieces of JES’s astonishing library of works. With more on the horizon, plus something incredible that celebrates a new journey, the unknown possibilities of her creativity.

Lay Down” the latest track, in a collaboration with Richard Robson (who also worked on several tunes with Jes in the past, including “We Belong to the Night” and more). A very different sound style, yet encapsulates what makes Jes’s creative, and passionate energy so different from what’s out there. An intimate performance, captivating, sensual, and draws you in. Two words, that one can dream, or think about, when someone special tells you that.. everything else fades away, its just you and them, in the moment. A beautiful tune, that takes your breath away.

InToneNation Records
2015, a label owned by the TaxiGirl herself. Branches out supporting amazing talents around the world. If there is a song in your heart, it was possibly made by one of many incredible artists within this fantastic label. From Progressive, to Electronica, Psytrance, and beyond, there is a sound for everyone to dive into, make a connection.
InToneNation Artists page featured on this awesome label: Shant and Clint Maximus, Vibonacci and Starward, Dan Thompson and more

To say the label has grown, is an understatement. There is a vast array of sound styles, the limitations of music are endless. Each artist will expand your mind, and take you to places you’ve never been before. Which is why this label is unique, it celebrates life, and the human heart.

Unleash the Beat – episode one to now
As a longtime fan of the TaxiGirl, I can honestly say, she has got that energy still rocking. Every week a new mix, a set of tunes, some from her own library celebrating milestones or remixes. Plus artists she has made journeys with over time, to old friends that have created art that you won’t hear anywhere else. As of writing, we are at episode #438, now 441, showing no signs of Jes slowing down. No, she is an energizer bunny, and enjoys connecting music to her fans, and music lovers around the world. We are in good hands with her +vibes, and energy.

Each week she brings love, pure energy, and stories of how songs came to be. To what inspired the lyrics. It is a show like no other, because there is no one like Jes, she is one of a kind.

Be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel Twitch channel and Mixcloud to not miss a single episode.

Some extra thoughts
To say I am a fan, is an understatement. I felt the need to write this article, to celebrate one of the best, creative talents out there. JES’s talent, energy, and drive is something to admire. She is still evolving, even now, with a new album on the way, and UTB still thriving, sharing music around the world. Plus stories of your journey, experiences, and other creative energies she has met along the way. I get the chills just thinking about what you might say reading this. But I feel proud, and honored to be a fan of your work, and journey thus far. I cannot wait to see where you will go next.

To JES, thank you for every song, story, and adventure you have taken us fans along with you. The words, “Thank you” don’t feel like enough to express. Somehow I have written 2,500+ words to complement what you have done. I enjoy what you have made then, and now. Plus UTB is phenomenal to listen to, and participate every week.

To be a fan of yours, it is an amazing feeling. To celebrate music, life, and + energy. You are all of those things. So again, thank you for this special gift, you share with the world. Plus an amazing heart, and vibrant energy with each episode of UTB. Plus hopefully concerts in the near future.

From a fan, since the beginning, love and + vibes. Always

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