ARTY ft. Tania Zygar – “The Wall” (Elevven 2022 Remode)

Album: Digitally Enhanced Volume 7, mixed by Farius and Elevven
Lyrics and vocals, by singer, songwriter: Tania Zygar
Producer: Arty
Remix by: Elevven
Label: Enhanced

Spotlight on: The Wall

The Wall, the journey:
Many years ago, this amazing track came into existence. When two amazing, and talented artists created a work of art. “The Wall” is a standout classic with its own driven melody, and Tania’s exhilarating, and powerful vocals. It may be from a decade ago, but it is a song that stays with after that first listen. The lyrics convey something unique within the trance world, a moment of strength, not giving in, but holding on to keep going no matter what tries to break things down. The fusion of Arty’s melodic vibes, and energy, combined with Tania’s incredible lyrics and vocals, created a special release that touches your heart, mind, and soul.

Since its release in 2011, there have been numerous remixes, and re-releases. But nothing beats the original, Arty’s Remode Mix however is pretty close. It takes the vibes from the original mix, and takes it to another level. What makes both versions interesting, is that they complement one another. A yin, and yang connection. Although they may have the same elements, they are way different. But both are amazing.

The Acoustic version is a beautiful, touching, melodic, and heartfelt rendition. Where it is pure emotion throughout Tania’s incredible performance. Focusing on her heart and soulful lyrics, and vocals that captured us all these years.

Elevven Remode:
Many years later, here we are. With the compilation album celebrating the best of releases within the Enhanced library, revisiting this timeless track with a new vibe that is oh so good once again. In this new Remode, Tania also re-recorded her amazing vocals for this special remix. This blend of Arty, and Elevven’s sound styles compliment one another revitalizing that awesome energy that we cannot get enough of. Also this version is quite different from the original, and Arty’s Remode. Taking a more darker melody, yet it is still addicting, driven, with an energetic beat.

Here is the tricky part, there are 40 songs within this recent compilation. I just wanted to spotlight several of my favorite artists that created a mesmerizing, and unforgettable track. But I will be sure to revisit this album very soon.

Take a trip back in time, with the original release
The Wall (Original, Remode, and Acoustic)

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