Soundscapes, Episode 3

This episode of Soundscapes marks the third anniversary of the Electrofans podcast, and the beginning of Season 4. Enjoy!!!

1) Glass Slipper – No One Above (Andrew Emil Dreamix Remix) [Karmic Power Records]
2) Kasst – Astral Talk (Retroid Remix) [Morphosis Records]
3) SVET – Someday (Juloboy Remix) [Extra Sound Recordings]
4) Pastiche – Together We Are ft. Sasha (Original Mix) [Acid Mind]
5) Ferrer – Didn’t Get That (Original Mix) [Gezvolt Records]
6) Lucas Rodriguez – Homecoming (Original Mix) [Emotional Content Recordings]
8) Electricity Is Humming – Zone of Avoidance (Original Mix) [defmain()]
9) AMNOR – The Park (Original Mix) [Submission Recordings]
10) Stein – Diamond (Original Mix) [Deep Strips]
11) M.Hustler – Hey (Original Mix) [Hooligan Groove]
12) Fabio Vee – Voice of Angels (Original Mix) [Different Twins]

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