Soundscapes 11

We’re back, with a fresh new show featuring shuffling underground beats and bright, uplifting melodies…

1) Shaun Frank feat. Prinze George – Together [Physical Presents]
2) Drist – The Only (Radio Edit)
3) Discodumper & Noty – We Love the Night (Radio Mix) [Kommandoerr Music]
4) Gabriel Robella – Broken in the Rain [BATUQUE MUSIC]
5) NATHASSIA – Lair (Futuristic Polar Bears Radio Mix M)
6) SHIHA – Break of Dawn (Original Mix) [Clubbing Purposes]
7) 6RAJ – Flawed Ideology (Open Solaris Remix) [Valkyria Records]
8) Alterlift – The Dream Generator [ZYTRAXX]
9) Roderic H – Listen
10) A-Mase – Flashback (Original Mix) [Amase Digital]
11) Michelle Richer & J. Falcone – The Thousand [Remixed] (Ron With Leeds Extended Remix) [Emergent Cities]
12) Alexander Bollinger – Breathe [SRNDR Records]
13) Roald Velden – Away (Original Mix) [Minded Music]

Mixed by kevinpajak

Background image credit: Meiying Ng

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