Cinematic Dance Music Creator, Ricky Holes

In an electronic dance music landscape where it seems increasingly difficult to find a truly original style, Mexican producer Ricky Holes pulls it off, and then some. Just from a listen to some of the samples of his music below, you can get a good idea of the diversity of his sonic palette, as well as the crisp, rich, and wide-sweeping tones of his tracks.

Ricky’s music is atmospheric, ambient, eclectic, and yes, cinematic. It evokes a range of emotions and interpretations in the “sonic mind’s eye” of the listener.

With the dramatic, anticipatory intro of ‘Synapse’ (reminiscent of the entry to some fantasy domain), you get a first glimpse of a canvas over the digital horizon from atop your listener’s vantage point…

“Lush” and “Crystal” represent more bright, watery, and dreamy tones:


His latest release is called “Amavi Two” (released January 22, 2021), and is one of his best works so far. The second part of a two-sided EP (“Amavi”), the EP is about love, and is “a sonic depiction of the harmony between peace and chaos.”

Here’s a preview:


Ricky Holes is an artist and producer based in Hermosillo, Mexico.

His music stands out for its charismatic feel and unique melodies, with incredibly exciting production aesthetics.

His sound explores genres as diverse as electro house, IDM and even psychedelic music, only to mention but a few key styles that have inspired him throughout the years.


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