Progressive breaks specialist, Retroid

Hungary is known for being a hotbed of talented electronic music producers – with a special emphasis on the deep, darker, melodic, and dreamy side. And Budapest-based Adam Huszar (“Retroid”) is a prime example of this…

He runs his own music label, Ego Shot Recordings founded back in 2008, that features a solid, diverse array of rousing tracks and talent (They like “any type of breaks from nuskool to psy, but tech funk and electro house are also welcome!”)

We first came to know Retroid’s work toward the end of last year, when the striking EP, “Berries,” from DSH & Kelle (on his label, Ego Shot) caught our attention and was featured as the Staggering Selection of the Week” back in October.

In addition to being an independent music producer and prolific re-mixer, Adam also has a regular progressive breaks/beats-oriented podcast called ‘Revive’ which is quite jamming (check out roughly 100 episodes of this awesome show on his SoundCloud page!!

To get you started, here’s a little “RETROID SAMPLER” we put together to showcase an overview of Adam’s work:









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