Electrofans Podcast 30

The sonic adventure continues, with ELECTROFANS PODCAST #30…

Kicked off by a rousing psy-trance re-boot of Andain’s “Beautiful Things” by Axel Walters, followed by the really cool Alex O’Rion Edit of a track jointly created by Dan Sieg, Antrim and Ezequiel Arias, this edition includes an unreleased track by Japanese artist Kana (her submission for Myon’s “Tales from Another World – Volume 2 Asia” compilation), along with the usual hallmarks of an Electrofans mix: high-energy beats, dreamy soundscapes, and feel-good melodies…

The set closes out with the introspective, mystical “Precognition” by Fractal.

Big thanks as always to our label partners Flemcy Music, Synth Collective, Emergent Music, Dynamic Progressions, Open House Records, Voodoo and Prayers, Progressive Dreams, and to artists Kana, Nifra, and Ron with Leeds.

(*Special thanks also to Suzy Solar and Jero Nougues for turning us on to the first two tracks in this set! :).

1) Andain – Beautiful Things (Axel Walters Bootleg)
2) Dan Sieg, Antrim & Ezequiel Arias – Beatmuse Reimagined (Alex O’Rion Edit)
3) TERO – Precious (Ciree Remix) [Progressive Dreams]
4) Ron With Leeds – Berlin Faces (BXT Remix) [Emergent Cities]
5) Stergios – Regeneration (Offbeat II Mix) [Dynamic Progressions]
6) ShoXeRr – Runaway (Original Mix) [Open House Records]
7) Kin Izaguirre – Simple Algorithm [Voodoo and Prayers]
8) Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep is Your Love (Nifra remix)
9) Kevin Holdeen – Elysian Fields (Original Mix) [Synth Collective]
10) KaNa – Sarasvati (Original Mix)
11) Fractal Architect – Precognition (Original Mix) [Flemcy Music]

Cover background image: Sandro Katalina (Unsplash)

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