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Chris Keya x The Death Beats x Sara Cruz – Otherside (Deathray Mix)

“Otherside” (Deathray Mix) – Chris Keya x The Death Beats x Sara Cruz

Exciting new release from Chris Keya (Cyberpunk/Synthwave producer from Rome, Italy), The Death Beats from London, powered by the exhilarating vocals of Sara Cruz.

Available November 17th, 2023

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About the song: Cyberpunk producer Chris Keya joins forces with The Death Beats and Sara Cruz forging a unique sonic interflow of Retro Synthwave set against the buzz of UK Drum & Bass.

Picture a realm where souls intertwine, where firelight dances with the wind and where destiny awaits those bold enough to chase after it. A restless soul yearning to break free from the constraints of time. In a world where everyone seeks a moment in the spotlight, but where the true power lies hidden “perhaps” on the Otherside.

Rhythmic arpeggios, sweeping tones and melodic synths combine to ominous effect before building towards a critical mass of
hard-hitting drums, bouncing subs and euphoric synth melodies.

Memorable lyrics and a powerful haunting vocal performance elevate the track as it effortlessly cuts through the chaos whilst
providing an added dimension to the symphonic disorder.

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